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Headline : Maner town I & D
Tender No. : BUIDCo/Yo-999/19-04
Details : To (i) Design and build Sewage Treatment Plant of installed capacity 6.5 MLD and all appurtenant structures and allied works and Main Pumping Station; (ii) Survey, review the designs, redesign where necessary, and construction of 3 numbers interception & diversion structures for the drains including survey, designs and construction of 2 Pumping Stations and all appurtenant structures and allied works, rising main, controlled with scada (iii) Operation & Maintenance of the complete works of Sewage Treatment Plant, Interception & Diversion works and Pumping Stations for a period of 15 years in Maner town, state of Bihar , India.
Opening Date and Time : 2/26/2019 , 04:00 PM Closing Date and Time : 2/26/2019 , 03:00 PM
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